What is a domain name, anyway?

At this point, most people in the modern world are well versed in internet terminology. We all know what a website is, we have some idea of how the whole thing works, and we are all experts on social media. These kinds of internet tools have become widely used, but the sad truth is that very little of it is truly understood by the people who are using the sites the most. One such term that few people truly understand the meaning of is a “domain name.” We all know what a website is, but few people really understand that a domain name is simply a unique name given to an internet resource, be that a website or something else. Essentially, the domain name makes up a website’s address, just like your house number http://www.name.comand street name create your physical address. With these kinds of markers in place, we are better able to set websites apart based on the country they are from, the kind of industry they are in, and other identifying factors. These are all things that are explained very basically to us through the website’s domain name. There is even an official used in order to most effectively given websites their domain names; it is the Domain Name System, and it is through this system that computers, services, and any other resource connected to the internet is give an address.

The domain name itself is broken down into a few different levels, so as to better name the website and specify exactly where a website exists. Generally speaking, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol, or an “IP”. IPs can be everything from a personal computer to a web site in and of itself. Domain names can be broken down into a few separate categories:

1. Top Level Domain: These include generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), which are very prominent domains like “.com” or “.edu”. There are also country code TLDs (ccTLDs). These designate the end of a domain designation.

2. Second level and third level domains are open for reservation by users who want to connect local areas to the internet or to create publicly accessible internet resources or even run web sites. The registration of these domain names is handled by a domain name registrar who can help set up a company with a website. Companies like Name.com are registrars who help set companies up with domain names to get their businesses on the road. Registration of these domain names is important so that people do not end up attempting to use the same domain name.

3. A “FQDN” or full qualified domain name is a domain that is completely specified with all the necessary components in the domain name system. With every part in place, the domain name creates a functional IP address or website, and people are able to search for and visit the site.

Working with a domain name registrar will help you set up a website for your business. Work with Name.com to work with a registrar that will help you set up the right kind of domain name for your company.

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Securing your website is simple with an SSL certificate.

When you create a website, you hope that all transactions between you and your customers goes smoothly without any kind of a hitch. This is a lovely idea, and in an ideal world where no one steals information and everything and everyone coexists without fear or frustration, this seems a doable and likely scenario. However, this is just not the case. Too many times, people are ready to jump in an steal someone’s identity or take personal information through the vast space of the internet that exists between you and your customers. That is truly the issue with working in an internet medium without some kind of a security system in place: you leave all this space and make it easy for people to steal information from your customers. Do not let this kind of experience happen to you. When you do not take your customers’ security seriously on your website, you will end up losing customers more quickly than you could ever imagine. Figuring out the best ways to make your website secure and safe for your customers is the only way that you will be able to manage a reputable business on the internet.

The easiest way to ensure security when working through a website is through a very simple protocol known as a “secure socket layer”, or SSL certificate for short. This internet protocol was created by Netscape in 1996 and since then has become the primary way for transmissions across the internet to move. Internet SSK is a critical part of most web browsers and servers and the way it works is fairly simple. By making use of existing encrypting software, the SSL protocol makes the information shared on the internet safe for use only by people with http://www.name.com/sslaccess to the encryption patterns. In fact, in order to make an SSL connection, the SSL protocol has a requirement that the server have a digital certificate installed. A digital certificate, quite simply, is just an electronic file that is unique to individuals as well as servers. These electronic files serve to authenticate the identity of the servers being used so that the information passed along during an SSL session are sure to be shared only by the people who are supposed to get the information. Digital certificates are usually signed off on by a trusted third party in order to ensure that the certificates are valid. These “Certification Authorities” are critical to ensuring that a secure connection is made and that information can be safely passed through the internet super highway.

The trick with working on the internet in anyway is knowing how to find servers and connections you can trust. This part of working on a website and managing a domain is a great responsibility, and getting your website set up in such a way as to ensure that you are protecting yourself and your customers is critical for long term success. Make sure that you understand the importance of SSL connections and set yourself up for success in your internet transactions.

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A website’s availability and uptime makes a big impact on your business.

Whether you are looking to use a web page through web hosting or your have a server of your own, making sure that your website is set up in the best way to ensure that your customers and clients get the best possible view of your company is critical. You need to have everything set up in such a way as to send as many possible clients to your website as possible. You need your website to be functional, easy to find, and easy to use, and there are a few ways that the infrastructure of your website can help you achieve these goals. First, if you are choosing web hosting, you need web host that you can trust. Choosing web hosting with Name.com is one such way to make certain that your web page is set up in the best possible way and that your website is easy to use and to maintain. This is easiest to do when you have a server and a web host that is reliable and that you can trust. Name.com is one such web server. They also have excellent services in terms of getting your domain name up and running!

Another important part of any web site is something known as the “availability” of the website. A website’s availability is measured as a percentage of the year in which the website is publicly accessible through the internet. So, for example, if your website has http://www.name.combeen undergoing construction, that decreases its availability. If the server on which your website is hosted goes down, that also impacts your availability. It goes without saying that working with a website that is available as much as possible is critical for ensuring that your website gets great web traffic. If your site is constantly under constructed or not reachable through the internet, the people that use your site will start replacing it with other websites because it becomes too unreliable. Web site reliability and availability are closely linked, and you do not want to end up with a website that is so infrequently available that it becomes, consequently, unreliable. Another important part of availability is a website’s uptime. Uptime refers to whether or not the web site is physically online. Uptime does not take into account inability to reach the network, which sometimes happens when there is a network outage.

A websites’s availability and uptime are both issues that are related to a hosting provide. Working with a reliable web host will help you make sure that your web page does not suffer due to the flaws of the web host. This is easy to figure out before you invest in a web host through taking a look at a hosting provider’s SLAs. The SLA may include scheduled downtime of the server for maintenances during the year. Most importantly, an SLA allows you as the client to have a contract with the web host about the amount of time that a web site is expected to be off line. Knowing these details makes a big difference in your web hosting experience, so be sure to work with a trust worthy web host when you decide to get started with your web page.

Name.com has affordable domain names for your site

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If you have been thinking about creating your own website for your self or your business but have been hesitant due to your lack of knowledge in that area I suggest that you check out the website for Naam.com. I was in your position not long ago but today we have a fully functioning website that gets plenty of traffic and has greatly increased our sales.

As I said, I was in your position not too long ago. I was looking for a way to sell my hand swen items because I wasn’t finding any marketplaces or shops around town willing to carry them. I knew that the best way to make money and reach a new base of clients was to get online and create a website but since I don’t have any technical skill in that area it seemed like a bridge too far. Then I discovered name.com and their amazing array of services such as SSL certificates and domain names. With name.com you can use their website builder tools to create an amazing customizable website that you’ve always dreamed of. You don’t have to settle for something subpar anymore because you can get a professional, sleek and highly functional website that is as affordable as it is easy to create. It’s funny because some of my friends who have had a website for years had to hire a graphic designers and web developers just to make it look nice in that must’ve cost them an arm and a leg. With name.com they have affordable and customizable bundles available to meet your needs and the demands of your business. Their templates are built to the latest HTML5 standards which means that it will be as easy and intuitive to use as any other site on the net.
One major sticking point for me was that I needed to work with the web hosting company that offered templates so that I could get my site mobile ready. I may not know much about website design but I do know that most of my own personal searching for products comes by searching through my phone. Study show that over 80% of people looking to purchase goods or services online will use their smart phone to do so and therefore it makes a good deal of sense to ensure that your site is mobile ready.
The tools available for building your website are so simple that anyone can do it. When I say anyone I mean anyone because I am not very comfortable sitting at a computer yet their drag-and-drop contents fit right into a number of templates that you can choose from. And, because social media is so important and integral to any company success they offer seamless integration with any social media widget. This means that if someone is on your site and want to share it with their friends they simply click on the Facebook icon and the next thing you know you are getting more exposure in no time. Name.com even offers SEO tools so you can take your own marketing experience into your own hands.


Domain names are in for big changes.

The world of domain names are in for some big changes with the changing rules around net neutrality.  For years, the government played a role in monitoring the internet during its infancy to develop and create more and more opportunities for businesses to strive.  Unfortunately, there have been some changes to the internet and I do hope that the quality of the experience is not affected.  What is being proposed is getting rid of net neutrality.  I have already said that so you may be asking just what I mean.  What I mean by neutrality is that right now all of the internet companies are indifferent to the websites that people are going to through their servers.  I could be going to a movie website, porn, the local newspaper, anything!!! and the internet service provider has to give me the websites at the same speed.  This is now proposing to get changed.  What would be in its place is the opportunity for people to go on the internet and have their favorite sites either faster or slower depending upon if the domain name they went to has reached an agreement with the internet service provider.

Netflix recently reached an agreement with Comcast to hasten its service.  I am not sure if that means that other websites are going to be slower, but I think that it does mean that many of the other websites are going to start to question whether or not they need to pay the internet service provider money.  This is wrong for a variety of reasons, first and foremost, because it harms the consumer.  We do not have a say in the logistics behind the SSL certificate that a lot of the websites are purchasing.  All we can do is try and go to the website.  The speed of our internet connection is something that we do pay for, so it would be terrible if our connection was slowed just because some of the bigger company websites that we go to are not working the way that they should. I hope that Congress comes out and starts to regulate the internet as a free public service.  I don’t think that would happen, but there is a good chance that we might be able to develop some understanding that ultimately benefits the consumer.  That is at least how I would like to see it.  domain names

There are so many situations right now where we see that the consumer is getting the shaft.  We need to do more to protect the consumer from greedy businesses that are taking as much as they can.  The first step is making sure that each domain name is continued to be considered neutral. As that continues, we can then start working toward making sure that more and more people have access to the internet.  It truly blows my mind to know that not all people have access to the internet right now.  As a result, we can provide more education and services by connecting these individuals.


SSL certificates are important for security reasons.

Internet security has been all over the news recently due to the Heartbleed virus that infected a number of websites, revealing quite a bit of the customer data that is associated with the sites. Fortunately, I think that a number of the internet security officials were able to catch it, but that is not to say that it does not alarm us and make us more vigilant in the future.  One of the things that the Heartbleed virus did was infect the SSL certificate in internet explorer.  This caused for all of the information that people would usually put into a site to be stored with the hacker or whoever was running the virus.  The potential for this information to be given away is massive.  The worst thing is that you do not know if you were affected until it was too late.  Nevertheless, as we start to see more and more of these events, people are going to have to start paying more attention to their internet passwords by changing them more frequently and protecting them from websites they may think could pose a malicious threat. domain names

I have not changed my passwords in a long time and I think that the reason for this is that I have not really been paying much attention to my security needs. For me, I always feel like internet security is something for other people to worry about – not me.  I do not need to worry because I have a Mac and usually Apple products are not the ones that are affected.  This may or may not be true, but this is definitely a thought that goes through my head. The other thing that I think people are going to have to do is start paying more attention to some of the links that they click on.  It seems like every holiday season that we hear about new scams and people that are preying on individuals that are looking to give money to nonprofits.  What they do is send out a phishing email to people to see if they can get them to respond.  They then send a link with a phony domain name, so that the people will enter their sensitive information directly into the website.  This is something that happens all of the time and hopefully people are starting to catch on to the act.

One of the best ways for people to get information about this sort of thing is to Google the charity to see if they are real and read up on some of the charity’s reports.  If they are registered with the IRS, type their name into Google and go to the first link.  It is much more difficult to have a phony domain name in Google, than it would be in an email or somewhere like that. That is a great way for people to weed out sites that they don’t want to be on and identify sites that are legitimate and could help your money reach the people that actually need it the most.

If You want People to Access Your Site Easily, It Needs a Good Domain Name.

domain nameIf you are a business owner, you need to be conscious of the way people are doing business and accessing news and other information.  Since the internet is the biggest network of communication in the world, by far, it is imperative that you realize its importance and focus on your company’s online representation.  Every business has a website, but it is in your best interest to have an extremely effective website.  Not to mention, you need a website that people will be able to access easily.  Of course, if you want people to access your site easily, it needs a good domain name.

Domain names are something that you would not assume to be of much importance, yet they are critical to the accessibility of a website.  As the main way in which people obtain information about companies is by searching online, it pays to have a website that shows up when people search on a search engine.  If your domain name is related to something  that will be commonly searched for, you are guaranteeing that a bunch of people will come across your site.  Of course, that being said, you should also try to have a domain name that is relevant to either your business’s name or the industry you are involved in because irrelevant domain names do nothing but confuse people.  They inevitably cause people who do not want your services to find your site, and they also cause people who do want your services to overlook your site, by mistake.  Clearly, it is best to stick to domain names that make sense for your company or industry.

The other factor that must be addressed, in terms of picking domain names, is availability. As there can only be one owner per domain name, at a time, most of the domain names you will think of will be unavailable, due to the fact that someone else thought of them before you did.  That being said, just because someone thought of the domain name before you does not mean you can never have it.  The loophole is the fact that ownership of domain names expires, so you can actually spend more money on a domain name that has once been used, but is now expired.  Though it is substantially more pricey than just making up a nonsensical domain name, it is also way better for your business to purchase a good domain name.  Ideally, you should be able to locate one that is relevant to either your business or field, which will help you draw in customers.

If you are trying to actually conduct business transactions through your website, you will need to take the safety precautions that are necessary to keep your financial information secure.  First and foremost, you must get SSL certificates, so you can safely transmit financial information.  Without them, you and your clients could potentially be victimized by online criminals, who steal people’s financial information, when they transmit it online.  SSL certificates are an inexpensive yet effective line of defense.

For the Most Part, Successful Websites have Memorable Domain Names.

domain namesIf you want to allow your business to succeed, you need to be aware of how modern business works.  No matter what your field, the internet can be a valuable tool, in terms of accessing potential customers and clients.  More importantly, the internet enables them to access your business, through its website.  Every company needs a website, and companies that intend to do any amount of business online, need to be especially concerned with their websites.  A key aspect of your website is the web address, and a key component of your web address is the domain name.  For the most part, successful websites have memorable domain names.  This is because the domain name is, essentially, the only part of a web address that is easy to remember.  That means that if even your domain name is complicated or bizarre, it will be much less likely that people will encounter your website in a search.  Of course, it is not easy to pick a good domain name because any domain name that is already in use is not available.  This narrows down your options by an extraordinary degree.  That makes sense, given the fact that there are billions of internet users and many of them have websites.  The odds are not in your favor that you can come up with a good domain name that is not in use.  If you truly are not concerned about how many people will find your website in a search, you can just add numbers and letters onto the domain name you originally wanted, until the domain name is available.  If you really want customers to be able to find your site, though, this can be a foolish decision.  It is generally smarter to purchase domain names that have expired.  When you purchase a domain name, you are purchasing it only for a designated amount of time.  After that, you need to keep paying for it, in order to keep the domain name.  When people do not keep paying for the rights to a domain name, it becomes available for purchase.  Sites that specialize in selling these domain names keep lists, so you know when certain domain names are about to expire, which enables you to purchase them before anyone else.  Some sites utilize bidding to sell domain names, while others just designate a price, based on its value.  The best and most popular domain names are typically the most expensive, but they can be a means of obtaining many more customers and clients.  Businesses that perform a lot of their business online should be especially concerned with obtaining a good domain name.  After all, if your business relies on customers being able to find your website, you need to make sure you have a good domain name.  Also, if you do perform a lot of business online, you will need to get SSL certificates, in order to be able to safely transmit information.  Companies that do business online are required to obtain SSL certificates to protect the valuable information.

Go to a Website that Specializes in Domain Names, So They can Issue One for Your Business.

domain namesIt is important to be mindful of the internet and how to best utilize it to advance your business goals.  Every field needs the internet, and every business or organization needs a website.  Of course, pretty much every business or organization has a website.  The key, though, is having a good website that people will be able to find.  The key to having your website found is having a memorable domain name.  You should go to a website that specializes in domain names, so they can issue one for your business.  Do not make a final decision, until you are sure that the domain name you have selected is appropriate for your business and will be effective at allowing your website to show up in a search engine. There are a few details that make picking a domain name a bit more complicated than you might think.  As there can only be one domain name per website, most of the domain names you will probably think of for your business will already have been taken.  There are two ways to deal with this.  The first is to make up an obscure domain name.  One easy way to do this is to add letters and numbers onto the domain name you wanted, originally. Usually, by adding a few extra characters, you can come up with one that is not taken.  This is typically not the smartest option if you are trying to make it easy for customers to reach you online.  After all, why would they think to type in a bunch of random characters when searching?  Because they certainly would not think to do that, they are likely to come across the websites of your competitors before they find yours.  If you are willing to spend more money, you can actually buy domain names that have already been used, provided that they have expired.  Rights to a domain name, like rights to many other things, can expire if you do not keep up with the payments.  That is how previously owned domain names become available to other businesses and organizations.  The more well-known or likely to be searched for a domain name is, the more advantageous it is to your business or institution.  Of course, it also has to have something to do with your business.  It is misleading and usually unwise to have a domain name that is not related to your business in some way.  At least the company name or industry should be alluded to, in some way, in the domain name.  Companies that actually do a large portion of their business online need to be the most concerned with the impact of their domain names.  The other thing that online companies need to worry about is security.  That is why they are required to purchase SSL certificates if they are going to be transmitting any important information online.  SSL certificates are one way that you can protect yourself and your customers from identity theft and other forms of fraud, involving the internet.

Name.Com May Be The Right Company For You

domain namesWhen it comes to creating safe and secure SSL certificates, as well as offering unique and original and refreshing domain names, name.com is a business that is committed to excellence. This is a place where people work hard for their clients and the customers that comes to them because they care about the work that they are doing as well as the services that they are providing. You may be curious as to what services name.com is exactly offering to you and how these services are going to benefit you. There are a lot of different ways in which name.com can help and they want you to feel free to ask them any and all questions you may have about your website, your web hosting, as well as your domain name. Name.com is a company that is dedicated to making sure that you, as their customer, are getting the support that you need when it comes to any and all things related to your website, your domain name, and anything else you may have questions or concerns about. This is not a company that will simply sell you a domain name, but rather, this is a company that will work with you and stay with you to support you every single step of the way when it comes to choosing a domain name that is right for you as well as registering this domain name so that you can get up and running with your website as soon as possible. There is also nothing that name.com cannot do when it comes to website creation, web hosting, and domain name registration. This is a company that dedicates itself to working hard and makes sure that they are doing this hard work, not only for themselves, but for you their valued customer. Name.com wants you to know that they are working to make sure that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to customer support and service for your domain name and website. Name.com is a company that is dedicated to their customers and dedicated to the work that they do on the internet. These are people who know just about everything that there is to know about the internet and website creation because they work almost every single minute of every single day to stay up to date on the modern technologies an innovations that are ever changing in the realm of the world wide web. The internet can be a frustrating and complicated thing to navigate on your own and that is why there are people like the ones at name.com that are there to help you. When it comes to web hosting, domain names, and SSL certificates you will be hard pressed to find a company with people that are better suited and up to the tasks at hand then the ones you will find at name.com. Name.com has made a name for itself in the tech world and they want to help you make a name for yourself as well.

The Domain Name Process Is Simple

SSL certificates When it comes to creating a website that you will love and can feel proud of there are a couple things that you are going to want to consider. First of all you are going to want to find a domain name that is going to represent you and your brand as a whole. If you need help finding and creating a domain name that is available for sale then you should look into the services that name.com provides to its clients and customers. The people at name.com will be able to help you out when it comes to your website and the first step of this process is finding, buying, and registering a domain name. Name.com is able to offer the people that come to them a wide variety of different, unique, and specialized domain names that are for sale so that you can find the one that you are looking for and the one that is right for you. There is no need to settle for anything less than the best service when it comes to finding a domain name that is going to work for you and your website and the people at name.com are committed to making sure that you get absolutely everything that you need from them in terms of customer service. After you have selected a domain name to purchase you must have this domain name registered and the people at name.com can help you do this. After your domain name is registered you will begin to slowly but surely get your website up and running with the help of the professionals at name.com. These are people who know just about everything there is to know about domain names, web hosting, and SSL certificate creation. After you have established and registered your domain name and have begun to create your website you will learn that there is a lot that goes into making sure that your website is safe and secure. One of the main ways in which the experts at name.com recommend protecting and securing your website is to create SSL certificates for your domain. SSL certificates are a great way to protect your website and they function as a sort of firewall to protect your website from outside sources that could hurt or compromise the data on your website. You are going to want to do absolutely everything in your power to make sure that your website is not hurt and one of the ways in which to do this is to have the experts at name.com create and build SSL certificates for your domain website. These are created in order to protect you and your information and creating them and setting them up is one of the last steps when it comes to establishing your domain on the internet. The people at name.com want to make sure that you have absolutely everything that you need when it comes to your website and they will be there every single step of the way to help you.

Domain Names Play a Large Roll in Whether or Not Websites Show Up in a Search.

Domain names











Because of an increased global reliance on the internet for communication, entertainment, and even commerce, it is not hard to see why companies put so much effort and money into developing excellent websites.  For one thing, more often than not, people search for businesses, using the internet, instead of a phonebook or other directory.  That means if you want to be able to draw in new customers, you need to make sure people are able to find your website.  If people in your area do not find your website when they search for your industry online, you will inevitably lose customers.  Similarly, if your website is one of the first to come up in a search of businesses in your field, you will probably increase your customer base.  Domain names play a large role in whether or not websites show up in a search.  That is why it is not uncommon for companies to spend good money on a sought-after domain name.  After all, domain names can have only one owner, so if your domain name of choice is already taken, you can only try to buy it or pick a different one.  Domain names can be purchased, once the previous company’s ownership expires.  Once they stop paying for the domain name, you can buy the rights to it and begin using it, yourself.  There is a great deal of variation, when it comes to the price of a previously used domain name.  They cost quite a bit more than new ones, since they have built-in credibility.  The domain names of very popular and well-known sites can be extremely expensive, though they may be worth the investment.  Companies have paid thousands of dollars for the rights to certain, highly advantageous domain names.  Many companies go the other route, though.  This can also be a good idea, in some instances, because it saves money.  Plus, depending on your industry, there may still be some good domain name ideas that no one has used.  You should at least try to find one on your own before purchasing an expensive one.  That being said, if your company exclusively does business online, you need to be especially conscious of your domain name.  In these circumstances, purchasing the perfect domain name may be better than settling on another one.  Owners of online businesses need to be extraordinarily attentive to their websites.  If all of your customers interact with you through your site, you need it to operate absolutely perfectly.  Plus, you need to know they can find you, which is why the domain name is critical.  Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you and your clients can safely do business together.  As there are a lot of dangers lurking in cyberspace, you need to invest in the necessary security, such as SSL certificates.  These “keys” protect your valuable information.  They stop anyone without the proper authorization from viewing your vital information, such as your credit card numbers, social security number, and other personal information that could be used against you.

Business Owners Often Put a Lot of Thought into Picking their Domain Names.

domain names






Name recognition is of the utmost importance, when it comes to running a business.  People need a way to identify your company.  Nowadays, since the internet is such a big part of any industry, your website needs to be recognizable, too.  That is why business owners often put a lot of thought into picking their domain names.  After all, your domain name is the primary means by which people will identify your website.  If it is not memorable and does not show up early in a search, there is little chance that people will find your website.  Even if your website is not the primary focus of your business, you need to be sure your customers can find it.  No matter what your profession or specialty, people need to be able to look up information about your business online.  Fewer and fewer people rely on phonebooks, so if you want to bring in new clients, you need the internet.  If people near you search for your industry, you want them to be able to find your website.  That way, you will secure a customer base in your area.  If your domain name is too obscure, irrelevant, or does not come up early enough in a search, your business will suffer.  That is why you should try out many different potential domain names, before you decide on one.  Because only one company can have each domain name, you cannot use one that has already been taken.  This makes picking a domain name incredible challenging, as there are so many people online.  It can be nightmarish to try to find a domain name that has never been used.  The way most people do it is by altering their originally-desired domain name enough that it is acceptable.  You can add or remove words, letters, or syllables.  The downside of this is the fact that the other sites may show up in a search before yours.  When there are many other businesses with similar domain names, it can be difficult to make yours stand out.  It is especially bad if the other websites show up sooner in a search than yours.  You can utilize search engine optimization strategies, but that can only go so far.  If there are far too many sites with similar domain names, you should probably just pick a different one.  The last resort, in terms of selecting a domain name, is to buy a domain name from a website that sells them.  These sites simply sell domain names that have already been used, once they have expired, which means the original owner has stopped paying for the rights.  In the case of online businesses, this may be worth the extra money.  The previously-used domain names are far more expensive than coming up with your own, but if your business relies completely on its website, you may have no choice.  Yet another element of online business to consider is security.  You have to purchase SSL certificates, so you and your customers can do business safely, through your site.

Your domain names is your window to the world

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Nearly five months into having a domain name for my company and I can tell you it has changed my life and the vitality of my company. I’m here to share a story and tell you why having a website powered by a comprehensive web hosting team might just be the best move you or your company can ever make.

I run a flooring company called “Jen’s Flooring” and we deal in the exotics. You won’t find any basic 2″x2″ backsplash tiles or ceramic centers here, everything my company installs is something fresh and unique, a little bit of artistry right below your feet. We have a few staple materials we go back to from time to time but they are nothing ordinary and always supplemented by new materials or techniques to install them. What our clients and designers love about our inventory is that it’s always rolling over onto something new and trendy, always ahead of the curve. This is one of the main reasons I knew we had to get our SSL certificate and get our inventory online for everyone to access easily. Designers are very visual people and it isn’t enough to simply describe the new materials we got in, we must be able to actually show them what is in stock and mailing out catalogues is too costly and slow. By the time anyone got any of our catalogues we might already have moved on to a different product.

In order to keep everyone on the same page and constantly up to date on what is in stock, a website was needed. The goal was to have a “gallery” page on the site where artists, designers and home owners could come and click on thumbnails of the new material to get expanded views of it. Once the material and color had been selected they could then transpose that image onto the “floor” of the picture on the screen to see exactly how it would look. To give you an example, last month we were doing a penny floor in a large home up in Aspen. Don’t know what a penny floor is? That’s because we invented it. It’s basically a floor that has no tile or concrete on it but just a thin layer of adhesive to which thousands of pennies are laid down side by side. The subtle difference in hue and color from one penny to the next makes for a dramatic copper color. In order to sell that particular client on the idea we had them go online to our site and try out the gallery page. Within minutes I got an excited call from the client’s designer saying they were more than enthused about the process and couldn’t wait to get started.

Without our website, domain names and twenty four hour web hosting support we would have a much more difficult time sharing our ideas and designs with clients who are too far to come in and look at samples. It really has changed things for us and definitely for the better.

Name.com helped us get a domain name

domain names

When a customer used to call us on the phone asking for directions we used to have to tell them “go down to the bottom of the hill on Main St. and turn right at the light. Once you see the parking garage you go around that and our storefront faces SouthWest, parking is on the street near the garage.” Needless to say more than a few customers got lost on the way to visit us and countless of them probably turned around on the way, frustrated by being lost trying to find something so simple and so close. It’s possible that up until now one of our only saving graces is the fact that we sell antique luggage and it’s a very niche market where our clients can’t get a competitor’s product very easily. However recently construction on a new store has started across town and I am getting wind that it is a similar high-end antique store. Ever since hearing that the hive is all abuzz with ways we can separate ourselves from the competition before they open their doors. The first and probably the most important way we could do this is by spreading the word about our business with a domain name. In the twenty years we have been open I never once considered the fact that we could have a domain name and take our business online but then again, you can’t predict the future of commerce and competition.

It’s likely that if we never had a direct competitor that we wouldn’t even bother with a website but it’s a new day and age and you have to keep up with everyone else. So after hemming and hawing about it for a few weeks my wife and I decided to call name.com to get us started with a domain. Now I don’t know all that much about these types of things so bear with me while I throw out some phrases and acronyms I don’t really understand. Our SSL certificate was issued to us just a few days after calling name.come which meant that we were days away from a published site. I always just thought of it like putting an ad in the paper that we were waiting to be printed. Once the site got published we could then start advertising within the store for people to go online and check out our inventory. Not only that, but customers could write reviews about their experiences and even request certain pieces or types of antiques to be put in the store. Once I got started with the process it became very exciting to see what possibilities existed for us. No longer would I have to give those silly directions out to people trying to find us or field any calls from angry people lost and couldn’t locate our store. Now all I had to do was direct them to the site and have them check out the map feature which gave them turn by turn instructions. If we hadn’t gotten a domain name none of that would be possible!

Happy Couple Uses Domain Name to Plan Their Dream Wedding

A lot of thought had been put into Tyler’s proposal. He was planning on taking Amy back to the restaurant where they had their first date and surprising her with champagne and the beautiful ring he had picked out months ago. He was nervous, but excited, and couldn’t wait for the moment to be here. He arrived at the restaurant first and waited anxiously. When she breezed through the door, he could not wait any longer. He dropped to one knee and proposed right there in the lobby of the restaurant. She was shocked, but of course said yes! They celebrated with dinner and champagne, and then called their families to tell them the good news.

Within a week, planning for the wedding was well underway. Amy and Tyler picked a domain name they liked for their website and began creating it in a few simple steps. They picked a date, and a color scheme that she liked, and decided on the ultimate wedding plan: Amy and Tyler were going to have a destination wedding on the beach in Hawaii. It would take longer to plan because of the destination, but they knew their friends and family would all be thrilled. They updated the website with the date, location, good SSL certificates to keep it secure, and began putting together their invitations. They had designed the invitations themselves, and were having them printed up. They even included the link to their website so that guests could RSVP electronically.

The invitations turned out beautifully, and they mailed them out quickly. They knew they needed to give guests plenty of time to plan for a destination, particularly one that is so far away for many of their friends and family coming from the East Coast. Because their domain name purchase guaranteed the name of the website belonged to them for at least a year, they knew they had time to update it with lodging information, gift registries, and other stories and photographs as they continued to plan.

All was going smoothly until three months before the wedding. Amy and Tyler had contracts in place with all of their vendors, all dresses and suits had been ordered and paid for, and many people had booked flights and hotels and RSVP’d already. Then, they had a turn of bad luck. Because of a mix up at the hotel, their venue had been double booked, and they would not be able to hold their wedding on the day they planned! They quickly jumped into action, picking out a new date three months later at the same location. They began calling their friends and family but quickly realized that with many of them in the process of booking travel or already booking travel, there needed to be a quicker way. They updated the website, put together a quick email distribution list, and sent the link out again in an urgent email for everyone to review. They followed it up with phone calls and personal emails, but by sending out an updated website as soon as possible, at least several people were prevented from buying plane tickets for the wrong day.

domain name

Domain Name Helped Run a Marathon

Rachel had always wanted to run a marathon. When she turned twenty six, she decided that was going to be the year she would also run twenty six miles, plus point two. She told her friends and family, and began researching marathon training plans. There were many out there, and she was not sure which to choose, so bookmarked most of them. At a friend’s suggestion, Rachel also decided she would document her training and her journey. By keeping track of how she felt and what she ate and where she ran, she would be able to figure out which training plan worked for her, as well as keep herself motivated by documenting the training process for her friends and family to follow along.

She quickly purchased a domain name and began writing a blog. Her posts in the beginning were complaining of tiredness, and not being able to run very far, and asking for opinions on the various training plans. Her friends and family offered up comments, and opinions, and words of encouragement to keep her motivated. More than once in those first few months, and nearly every day as she approached the marathon date, those words kept her going. She was so grateful for her domain name and blog, as it allowed a creative outlet and words of encouragement to keep her mentally focused while she trained physically.

Rachel had picked the Chicago marathon to run, and had about ten months to do her training in total. The first few weeks were some of the hardest for her, as she built up to just a few miles slowly. She struggled mentally as she envisioned how much of a struggle it would be to build up to eighteen or twenty miles, but the SSL certificate on her website allowed people to continue leaving encouraging messages and support her along the way. After the first few weeks, she started to notice a big difference. Running one or two miles was now really easy. Even running four or five miles was becoming more comfortable. She had her eye on a half marathon race that was scheduled about four months before the full marathon, and was well on her way to completing that one on schedule. That would give her some good practice actually running a race.

Finally, the half marathon day arrived. She checked her blog one more time, and to her surprise, found nearly a dozen encouraging comments and words of support from her family and friends. She thought of those at the tough moments during the half marathon when she struggled the most, and was able to fight through it and complete the thirteen mile run. Next up were several more long runs, but not races, that she would have to complete on her own without support from volunteers passing out water or food along the way, and she was nervous. But as she documented her concerns, people responded with support and she was able to get through some of the hardest parts of her training by keeping mentally focused on everyone’s support. She completed the marathon last week with much of that same support from her friends and family/.

Domain name

How To Lock Your Website

domain nameStorefronts are protected from thieves and burglars by locking the doors and windows at the end of the day. In addition, alarm systems and surveillance tools are implemented as an extra measure of security. Profitable companies will furthermore take the best in class approach to protect their assets and also add insurance just in case. Why wouldn’t small business owners take the same approach for their domain name?

If you haven’t implemented security on your site, you’re leaving it susceptible to lurking thieves. Be sure to get a:

  • Locking System – which in virtual terms means a premium level SSL certificate system. This blocks access to any information from site visitors including their IP address, physical address, social security numbers, names, birthdays, first and last names and other bits and pieces of information that hackers could potentially piece together and solve for their own financial benefit.
  • Monitoring – add extra security by adding a surveillance tool to detect if there have been any breaches in the system such as any add-ons to the site that were not authorized by you or someone else with access.
  • Insurance – read the fine prints on the SSL certificate provider to see if they stand behind their claims. What happens in the event that this security fails? Will there be compensation or any warrantees, refunds or guarantees? These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing an SSL certificate provider.

Locking your website gives you the peace of mind that your customers are safe and the company’s reputation will not be tarnished.

Why Testing A Site Is Important

domain nameTesting domain names or entire site structures as often as possible will ensure the smoothest operation and less downtime. If a site is frequently down, is often giving errors, or cannot deliver when someone needs to take action, the sales and leads will eventually tank. As such, here are some of things that can be done to ensure the smoothest operation possible:

Check Links – site tools that run automated checks for broken links can tell the owner which links lead to nowhere. Be sure to install credible plugins or tracking to spot such issues as soon as possible, then make the changes in a timely manner.

Bounce Rate – check analytics tools to see what pages are most abandoned. These statistics depict a tale that something needs to change in these areas, or some feature is causing the customer to bounce.

Malware Monitoring – even with SSL certificates installed, it’s imperative to still install a tool or software that monitors stray plugins or codes, which may have been placed there by a hacker. The best malware for websites can be researched online or through an experienced website developer. Also ask how often this site is monitored.

Apart from these tools, site owners can also take a hands-on approach by browsing several pages each day, and also prompting customers to contact them or leave a feedback if some feature isn’t working correctly.

In the end, a well-kept site will have better conversion rates and higher rates of new and returning visitors.

How To Upsell A Website

domain nameA domain name is simply an unknown address unless there is rigorous marketing done. It’s like an unkempt home listed for sale if it sits abandoned. On the other hand, just as with real estate, agents and owners who take pride in its appearance, setting up the curb appeal, and highlighting the most prominent features stand a better chance of selling faster and for a higher price. As a result, the same techniques are recommended for this virtual piece of real estate:

Design – stage the domain name so that it looks beautiful, but in this world, plain, clean and simple are what wins as opposed to multiple bells and whistles. Site owners can conduct A/B testing with target groups to find which designs get the best responses.

Calls to Action – no one will purchase on the site if there are no prompts to do so. Be sure to design or embed buttons or text that link to the visitor taking another action, whether this is making a purchase or leaving contact information to be called back by a company representative.

Security – this feature should be a priority given that one of the most popular places to conduct identity theft is online. With firewalls and state of the art SSL certificates installed, customers feel safe knowing their payment and personal information is protected from hackers and I.D. thieves.

Social Media – make the site’s content and offerings easy to share by getting on the popular social media train. This is word of mouth marketing, only it takes place in a virtual world.

These are just some of the few strategies that can be used.